What is your true religion

What is Your True Religion ?

Real Vs Unreal Religion 

What is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word ‘religion’? The initial thought that most of us have is, ‘I am a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh,’ etc. It is believed that religion is a unifying force. However, nowadays, we observe that religion often causes more upheaval and division than unity. What is the reason behind this? In the current scenario, how can we assert that religion is a unifying force? Is it a fundamentally incorrect belief? Upon introspection, whether Hindu, Muslim, Christianity, etc., these are the religions of our bodies. We identify with a certain religion because we were born into a specific family. Hence, we started believing that we belong to this or that religion.

The True Religion of the Soul

However, is that the true religion of ‘I,’ the soul? If we delve into spirituality, we understand that the true religion of the soul is peace. I, the soul, am a peaceful being. Today, most of us have forgotten our true nature or religion, and consequently, we search for peace externally. Forgetting our true identity and becoming attached to temporary roles and attainments is the primary reason behind the sad state of affairs in the world today.

The Real Identity that Bonds

While we all have different names, roles, habits, and families, belonging to different bodily religions, the one thing that binds us is our real identity as a soul, a child of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, God. When we maintain the awareness that I am a pure, peaceful being, a child of my divine GodFather, the differences no longer seem to cause upheaval. Instead, acceptance of the unique nature of each soul in the beautiful world drama comes naturally. 

Let us all connect with our originality and our Supreme Father, filling ourselves with the power of peace. Only then can the original religion of peace and happiness be established again. Even if we spend 10 minutes every day in the consciousness that I, the soul, am a peaceful being, our vibrations of peace would spread everywhere and make this world a more peaceful place.

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