Dadi pushpashanta ji

Dadi Pushpashanta Ji

Surrendering Wealth and Embracing Virtue for the Upliftment of Souls

Dadi (elder sister) Pushpashanta was from a very wealthy family in Sindh, now Pakistan.  Her name was Guddi Mehtani before her spiritual life.  Brahma Baba used to lovingly call her “Guddu”.  In the year 1938-39, based on a spiritual calling, Dadi Pushpashanta surrendered her life for the spiritual upliftment of human souls and free them from the bondage of vices and inspire them to lead a virtuous life. 

Life before spiritual knowledge

Dadi Pushpashanta was from a very wealthy family. She was a mother of five children. She used to reside with her family in Yokohama, Japan.  Dadi’s husband was so rich that there was a caretaker for each child.

Despite all the wealth, Dadi Pushpashanta had a feeling of hollowness in her life. Dadi Pushpashanta felt this void from a very early age. Being the eldest in the family, she used to take care of her siblings and the household. She used to spend her spare time in worship and studying religious scriptures. Dadi still felt a huge missing in her life which was not satisfied by worship, religious scriptures or material wealth. It was only when Dadi Pushpashanta came to India and in contact with the spiritual knowledge taught in Om Mandli, feeling of void began to subside and Dadi Pushpashanta felt her spiritual needs had been finally fulfilled. 

Dadi Pushpashanta had five sisters – Pushpashanta, AtamMohini, Keval, Koyal and Dhani. Dadi introduced all her sisters to the spiritual knowledge. Dadi Pushpashanta’s younger sister Dadi AtamMohini at a young age of 13 joined her and remained with Dadi Pushpashanta till the end of her life.  Both the sisters gave their services at the Colaba centre in Mumbai.

After receiving a deep spiritual calling when Dadi Pushpashanta surrendered her life and started walking on the spiritual path, she initially took her children along with her.  Later her husband took back the children with him and remarried. Her husband offered her to take whatever she wanted with her, but Dadi Pushpashanta didn’t take anything. Dadi even handed back the gold chain she was wearing at the time to her husband.

Service through loukik relations

Dadi Pushpashanta’s fourth daughter, Suputri (later known as Mata VishnuPriya in her hermitage) was married into wealthy and generous Vatumal family.  Vatumal family’s assistance was instrumental in building the Global Hospital in Mount Abu which provides medical services to the needy. Vatumal family had deep love and respect for Dadi Pushpashanta especially her son in law Khuba Vatumal. Dadi’s inner beauty, loving nature and smiling face had a profound effect on everyone who came in contact with her. 

A linchpin of spiritual sustenance

Being a mother, Dadi Pushpashanta had the maturity and the qualities to provide spiritual sustenance to the young sisters. Dadi used to stress the importance of four subjects taught in the Godly University – Knowledge, Meditation / remembrance of God, practise by actions and spiritual service.  Dadi Pushpashanta used to specially bring attention of the young sisters on the inculcation of purity in thoughts, words and actions.  

Dadi Pushpashanta used to say that we need to be victorious through power of will and be free from all the bondages through power of silence.

Dadi Pushpashanta had a very clean conscience, deep love and sense of cooperation towards everyone.  Dadi wanted everyone to experience close proximity or relation to the Supreme. 

Dadi Pushpashanta had cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, tuberculosis and heart ailments. However, she never talked about her ailments or showed any signs of pain or sadness on her face. She had to take various treatments however, she always used to wake up early morning (Amritvela) for morning meditation. 

Dadi Pushpashanta was a great cook.  She used to love cooking variety dishes for offering to God. Dadi also used to love to teach cooking. 

Dadi Pushpashanta had a knack of seeing virtues in everyone.  Dadi had immense power of discernment.  She used to immediately recognise qualities or values in each and make them even more valuable. Dadi was an all rounder, she never shied away from any type of service.  Dadi also made many all rounder hands like her. Almost everyone who was a member of the organisation since the early days in Mumbai has received spiritual sustenance through Dadi Pushpashanta.  Sister Chandrika (Mahadev Nagar, Ahmedabad), sister Vedanti (Africa), sister Hemlata (Trinidad), sister Sushma (Jamnagar), respected brother Nirvair, sister Dr. Nirmala, sister Shilu and many such valuable jewels have received spiritual sustenance through Dadi Pushpashanta.

A very generous heart

Dadi Pushpashanta had five children girls and 3 boys.  Out of them, one daughter became a hermit who was known as Mata VishnuPriya amongst her followers.  She was earlier married to Khuba Vatumal.  Dadi’s son in law had deep regard and love for her.  He built Global Hospital in Mount Abu in Dadi Pushpashanta’s remembrance. One of Dadi’s sons and son in law opened a centre in Colaba, Mumbai.  

When Dadi Pushpashanta left her mortal coil, she had mere 8 sarees and a pair of sandals. Dadi Pushpashanta was generous in giving everything to all but she never kept anything for herself.

Expansion of spiritual services

Dadi Pushpashanta was the zone in charge of Maharashtra zone. After Colaba, various centres were opened in Mumbai in Kalyan, Mulund, Dahisar etc. under Dadi’s able supervision.

A true Raja Yogi

Dadi Pushpashanta had immense control over her mind and body.  Death by wish is mentioned in many epics and scriptures like Bhishma Pitamah in Mahabharata.  However, noone had seen a live example of how one can willingly renounce the body.

During the final days, Dadi Pushpashanta was admitted to a hospital due to chest pain.  Dadi did not want to get admitted, she kept saying that I want to spend my final moments at the centre. Because of doctors’ suggestion Dadi was admitted to the hospital. In the morning on the next day, after freshening up and listening to the Godly versions, Dadi asked sister Mohini who was with her at the hospital – “what time is it”? To which sister Mohini replied it’s 7.45am.  After which Dadi sent sister Mohini to do spiritual service of all the doctors in the hospital and told her to inform the doctors that Dadi will leave her old body at 8.30am. At 8.25am, when sister Mohini and all the doctors were present, Dadi left her mortal coil to the tune of spiritual music in the remembrance of God. Doctors and the staff in the hospital were surprised to see a person renouncing their body and they experienced how a Rajyogi soul leaves the body through will power.

Dadi Pushpashanta left her mortal coil on 7th February, 1983.  Dadi is remembered as peaceful, resolute and living her life as a practical example of Godly knowledge. Dadi had special qualities of providing spiritual sustenance to everyone who came in contact with her.

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The deeper the roots of a tree, the stronger and more durable it is. Similarly, how deep are the roots of renunciation and tapaya of the people who run any organization, that organization is equally powerful, long-lived and free of obstacles. Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya is a unique organization in this sense. Each and every founding member of this organization (Adi Ratna), are such ascetics who, keeping themselves, their sacrifices a secret, tirelessly, selflessly under the guidance of the Almighty, did spiritual service for humanity.