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BK Sudesh Didi

A spiritual luminary for over four decades, transcends cultural boundaries, imparting wisdom on meditation and unlocking the mind's creative potential.

BK Sudesh has the unique ability of crossing cultural differences, serving as a bridge between East and West. Born in North India in 1942, her ambition since early childhood has been to follow a spiritual path and serve humanity. Her teaching abilities were evident from childhood, unique circumstances even made her headmistress of a girl’s school at the age of 16. A few years later, she became a teacher and administrator with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University for the spiritual development of humanity. 

In 1974 BK Sudesh left India for the UK to help establish the first branch of the University in the Western world in London, now its International co-ordinating centre. Presently, based in Germany, she is acting as Director of the BK centres there and in Europe, running regular training programmes for teachers and students. 

For over 45 years BK  Sudesh has been an outstanding lecturer, teacher and broadcaster on human development, meditation and the creative abilities of the mind. She has travelled in over 75 countries, addressing national and international conferences and co-ordinating workshops and seminars.

At a time when people are looking for greater self reliance and self esteem, there is a growing awareness for the need of the individual to develop his or her own potential and master the untapped resources of the mind. BK Sudesh not only has a wealth of experience from her own research into meditation, but as a teacher, she is particularly adept at clarifying the concepts of the inner workings of the mind. She easily helps students of all ages and from all backgrounds to experience their own creative capacity. 

In all aspects of her life, BK Sudesh demonstrates a lively sense of humour, a generous nature and a youthful desire to learn from every human experience. The impression she leaves on those she meets is of a dedicated server, mindful of humanity’s journey towards a higher truth.

Adi Ratan - Instruments

The deeper the roots of a tree, the stronger and more durable it is. Similarly, how deep are the roots of renunciation and tapaya of the people who run any organization, that organization is equally powerful, long-lived and free of obstacles. Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya is a unique organization in this sense. Each and every founding member of this organization (Adi Ratna), are such ascetics who, keeping themselves, their sacrifices a secret, tirelessly, selflessly under the guidance of the Almighty, did spiritual service for humanity.