India is a land of festivals. Each festival denotes a spiritual meaning. A mere celebration of the festivals without an understanding of its deeper significance is of little benefit. Like other festivals, the  Holi celebration fills us with lots of
While forbidden fruit is said to taste sweeter, it usually spoils faster – Abigail Van Buren Many religious books talk about man’s first disobedience. It’s also referred to as the fruit of the forbidden tree. Its mortal taste brought death
That’s how women think Often in our conversations we say so. But what is a feminine mind? What is its role in today’s world? Is a feminine mind limited only to women? Let’s explore some of these aspects in this
International Women’s day is a day dedicated to the recognition of woman’s nobility and goodness towards society and the world. It has been observed since 1910. It originated after the suggestion of International Socialist Women’s conference. It is also observed
Every year on 8th of March International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide.  108 years have passed since 1911 when this was first celebrated. Many efforts have been made to empower women in all the ways possible and to bring about
The “Essence Of Gita” (Gita Saar) is: “Whatever happened in the past, happened for the good; whatever is happening, is happening for the good; whatever will happen in the future, will happen for the good only. Do not weep for
In the series of festivals celebrated in Bharat, Shivratri or Shiv Jayanti is of paramount importance. We celebrate this festival as the commemoration of the incarnation of Supreme God Father Shiva. Shivratri is celebrated on the Krishna Paksh of Phalgun
For many centuries human beings have tried to attain a higher state of consciousness. The idea behind this goal was to know and get closer to God. All the religions in the world believe in One Supreme as The Creator and Guardian